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Our laser cutter is getting a workout manufacturing 9 hole peg tests for the upcoming ECTRIMS conference.

Inside the factory. Manufacturing 2000 dexterity tests for an upcoming conference.

All hands on deck. Busy assembling the first batch of Digesting Science kit boxes for an upcoming conference.

Mat checking out different eye lenses for a current project.

Rough prototyping to design a new disassembly fixing.

First prototype of a straw cutting jig. Only 8997 to go…

Our self-made UV curing tin for freshly printed 3D parts

Helping Imperial test some Fuel Cell Stacks.

New studio toy…

Mark disassembling a disposable camera to photo for our new Circular Economy tool.

Finishing off a fun interactive model of the human arm for the team at the “Centre of Cell”, Queen Mary University of London.

Mark’s busy exploring muscle dynamics…

Our new Form 2 3D printer arrived. Guess what the first print was?

Studio life cycle analysis. Which capsule has the lowest environmental impact: Cofico’s compostable vs Nespresso’s aluminium?

Mat visits Sorb Engineers to check out their laser cutting and sheet metal processes for an exciting new project. 

Prepping prototypes for a paint job

Architects embracing generative design @ Shape to Fab Conf. Great opportunity for #optimisation #CircularEconomy

…what happens when you leave Mark to make some content for the blog.

Tidy Friday.

Prototyping a new Circular Economy design tool.

At Resource this week - Seeing how businesses are taking steps towards resource efficiency and the circular economy

Looking forward to prototyping cellular IoT devices with our new board from the guys at Particle.

3D prints from our latest project.

Quick internet connected prototyping with the Photon board

Device testing a new Android app we are working on

Foam prototyping for a new project

Mark’s alma matter (Plymouth university’s 3D design course) visit the studio to learn about our approach and process.

It’s Mat’s birthday! We send him off to experience the journey from coffee bean to beverage…

Testing a range of Infrared sensors

At LuxLive 2015 - Europe’s biggest annual lighting event

Precision made - Close up of a new kind of fuel cell that we designed and built

Excited to be invited to Accenture’s new book launch ‘Waste to Wealth’

Iron teardown. Laying out the 92 components.

The Optimist Toaster on his way back from a recent environmental conference

Mark experiences virtual reality with Google Cardboard for the first time…

Form exploration for the development of our circular economy lightbulb project.

The conductive tracks of an interactive poster we are designing for kids

HexBug + Polymorph = Hyperactive white blood cell model

Game counters for an educational board game we are designing

Casting an “Angel Delight” brain for an upcoming Digesting Science workshop.

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