Manufacturer to Consumer

We send millions of products, thousands of miles, every hour of every day. It is essential to our global marketplace and sustains our import-led economy. However, these journeys cost money and have a negative environmental impact.

As a product designer, every design decision we make during the development of a new product will have implications for the entire downstream transport journey to the consumer.

This project was informed by researching our entire supply chain and all the stakeholders involved. The output is a toolkit that provides insights, information and tools. These can be used on a daily basis, allowing the designer to quantify their design decisions, creating substantial economic and environmental benefits.

The Design Toolkit.

How can design be used to remove, reduce or facilitate the journeys products make?

Contains insights and tools that can be used on a daily basis to help design products with downstream distribution in mind.

Large format cards can be used in a team environment to aid transport discussions and considerations.

Outlines the 'Design for Transport' principles that were developed during the project.

Allows the designer to see in real-time, the dowstream distribution implications of their design decisions.