The Climate Machine

Climate change can be described as a wicked problem, with a level of complexity that paralyses both policy makers and public into inaction. A pragmatic and artistic engagement with climate change, the Climate Machine is an interactive piece that invites users to input energy behaviours with a set of slider switches. It instantaneously evaluates and displays energy footprint and resulting carbon footprint.

The Climate Machine is a mirror that changes in clarity with your carbon footprint and is surrounded with 200 bulbs that switch on and off to represent your energy footprint. On the back is a more detailed visualisation of energy and carbon data.

It is widely believed that by 2050 global temperature rise should not be allowed to go above 2 degrees C. To meet this target in the UK this means we must reduce our carbon footprint by around 90%.

The machine hangs like a large mirror and displays your reflection in the centre.

200 Bulbs surround your reflection dynamically lighting up to show your energy footprint, A 40W tungsten lightbulb left on for a day uses 1KWh of power.

Carbon footprint is visualised through your blackened reflection.

You are invited to input your energy lifestyle and your electricity supply, with the machine reacting in real time.

Data about your carbon and energy footprint is displayed on the back, including a visualisation of your energy breakdown.

The machine in operation.

The climate machine uses 200 high efficiency LEDs, to create the effect of 40W bulbs.

Brainstorming; design an engaging interaction with energy and carbon that goes beyond a typical carbon calculator.

Concept exploration involving the design of carbon bags; how do you put a price on carbon?