The Studio was founded by Rich Gilbert, Adam Paterson and Matthew Laws. We are a group of designers, engineers and strategists with a track record of bringing products to market and creating award winning experiences. It was through collaborating on projects at the Royal College of Art that we realised our collective design process had the potential to be much greater than the sum of its parts.

Having witnessed the unhappy ending of products, the studio was founded around the concept of human agency, we wanted to demonstrate that the agency of design was about the potential of design to create change in the world. It is from this ethos that we focus on design that creates a more desirable future.

Today we work at the junction of our physical and digital worlds, working with companies to create new products and experiences. With work recognized at an international level, it is our hybrid creative and technical process that enables us to work with clients ranging from medical start ups to the Department of Energy and Climate Change.