9 Hole Peg Test

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Redesigning a product to democratize healthcare for people with multiple sclerosis (MS). The 9 hole peg test is the gold standard for assessing upper limb function for people with MS. However, the existing test is prohibitively expensive, preventing widespread adoption. Working with the Barts MS research team at Queen Mary University of London, we wanted to change this.

Our sustainable redesign brought the cost down from £100 to £5.

We manufactured the first batch of 2000 units in-house and launched an eCommerce site to get the test into the hands of people with multiple sclerosis around the world.

The design has been clinically validated and the results have been published in a leading scientific journal, encouraging the adoption of this innovation in clinical practice.

The original vs. the redesign. We brought the cost down from £100 to £5.

Intelligent use of resources. We used elastic bands to serve two functions; securing the lid and providing grip on the table.

Patient feedback. The design was iterated with Barts MS patient advisory groups.

Inside the factory. Our kiss-cut design ensured quick assembly and repeatable accuracy.