Circular Economy Design Tool

  • Education
  • Sustainability
  • Strategy

"30 ideas to kickstart your circular business” is a design tool created in partnership with the Knowledge Transfer Network, the network partner of the UK Government’s innovation agency. Thirty ‘what if’ questions offer radical departure points to explore the opportunities of a circular economy. These prompts aim to guide the conversation to create compelling and unconventional ideas.

The cards are divided into three categories: product innovation, business model, and system level change. The deck is designed to be used in groups, with the the thirty questions encompassing a wide-ranging set of topics, from material science and biomimicry to logistics and product design.

Each card features a successful business which is profiting by moving towards a circular economy. Demonstrating the tangible impact the circular economy is having today helps to ground ideas, and can challenge any cynical thoughts within the brainstorm.

We now use the tool as part of a prototyping workshop run across the UK and Europe, helping large and small enterprises inspire their employees to look at their business differently.